Your Questions Answered

Answers by Allama Sayyed Mohammad Moosawi Saheb


Q. Would Namaz be valid where a person intentionally does not recite the 3 takbeers at
the end of Namaz?
A. Yes, even intentionally not reciting the 3 takbeers at the end of Namaz will not affect the Namaz. The Namaz will be considered valid since it is not part of Namaz. Namaz ends with Salam (salutations). The 3 takbeers are like ‘Ta’qeeb’ (the prayers recited after the Namaz).

Q. It is necessary to take bath (Ghusl (bath)) separately for the number of corpses one has touched?
A. It is sufficient to take bath (Ghusl (bath)) once even if one touches several corpses or touches the same corpse a number of times.

Q. A traveller decides to stay at a place for 10 days during Ramazan but after a few days fasting, heleaves that place for another village. Would he be obliged to keep Qaza of the few days’ fasting later?
A. No, his early fast is valid.
Q. Can a person perform Umrah Mufradah between Umrah Tamatto and Hajje Tamatto?
A. The person cannot do Umrah Mufradah between Umrah Tamatto and Hajj-e-Tamatto. He    should wait and complete the rites of Hajj-e-Tamatto.
Q. A person receives a costly gift, which is not used, and after a month his date for removing
khums arrives. Will he have to pay Khums on it? What if the gift was given from money whose Khums had been paid?
A. When a person receives a gift, irrespective of the fact that it had been given from Khums-free money, it becomes part of the receiver’s account. When it is not used or its value is in excess of the receiver’s annual expenses, he will have to remove Khums from it.

Q.How many verses, words and alphabets are there in the Qur’an?

A. The Glorious Qur’an contains 6,236 verses,77,934 words and 3,23670 alphabets. The
difference in the number of verses according to different accounts is due to the fact that certain verses are split into smaller verses in some editions of the Qur’an.

Q. Is it necessary to point with one’s index-finger while offering salutations to the Fourteen
Infallibles (a.s.)?
A.It is not necessary but since our Imams (a.s.) used to offer salutations (Ziyarat) in this manner, we also emulate this gesture. One should not point in any direction while addressing Imam-e-Zamaan (a.s.).
Q. Would butter made from Najis milk be permitted for eating?
A. Whatever that is made from Najis milk is not lawful for eating. It is of no consequence whether the Najis milk is boiled or processed mechanically or collected upto the amount of Kur water or whether the product made from Najis milk comes packed or unpacked. However, if you don’t know that it is ‘Paak’ (clean), you may consider it as paak and use it because originally the milk is clean.