An Account of the apology of Adam (a.s.) and Hawwa (s.a.) after their arrival on this Earth


It is narrated from the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) that when Adam (a.s.) disobeyed Allah, a caller called out from near the Holy Throne, “O Adam! Get out from My vicinity of Mercy because whoever disobeys Me cannot stay here.” Adam (a.s.) began to cry and even Angels cried. Then Allah sent Archangel Gabriel to Adam (a.s.) who brought him to the Earth. At that moment the whole body of Adam had become black. When Angels saw him in this condition they cried bitterly asked for permission to help Adam (a.s.) until their voices rose to a high pitch. All of them came to the realm of the Almighty and said, “O, the One Who has given life to one of Your creatures and then put a chosen soul in it and ordered the Angels to prostrate to it. And due to just one sin You have changed his fair complexion to a dark one.” At that moment a caller called out from Heaven, “O Adam, today you shall fast for your Creator.” It was 13th of the month. Adam (a.s.) keptafast. Onethirdofthedarknessdisappeared. On the 14th the same voice ordered him to keep a fast. Adam again fasted and two thirds of the blackness disappeared. On the fifteenth the voice once more prompted Adam to fast. Adam (a.s.) did and the remaining darkness disappeared. He became fair once more. It was because of this that the three days were referred to as the days of settling down. Then a caller called out from the sky, “O Adam! I have appointed these three days for you and your children. If anybody would fast on these three days of the month it would be as if he has fasted for the whole year.”

Adam (a.s.) was sitting with his head on the knee and very much dejected and sorrowful. Allah sent Archangel Gabriel to Adam (a.s.). He asked him why he was so forlorn. He replied, “I will remain sorrowful like this until death takes me.” Archangel Gabriel said, “Iamthe Messengerof Allah. Allahhassentsalutations and said ‘Hayyaakal laaho Wa Bayyaaka’. Adam (a.s.), “I know the meaning of ‘Hayyaakal laaho’, it is ‘may Allah keep you alive’, but what is the meaning of the phrase ‘Bayyaaka’? Archangel Gabriel said, “It means, ‘keep you happy’.” Hearing this Adam (a.s.) went into a prostration. Then he raised his head, looked towards the sky and prayed, “O Allah! Increase my beauty and elegance!” Next morning a black beard covered his face. Adam felt it and asked Allah what it was. He was told that it was a beard and that Allah has made it a sign of beauty for Adam and his sons.

According to a good chain of narrators Imam al- Sadiq (a.s.) said that when Adam (a.s.) landed on the Earth his body from the head to toe became black. He became very sad. Archangel Gabriel came and asked him the reason for his sadness. He said that blackness had enveloped him. Archangel Gabriel told him to get up and recite prayers as it was the best time for prayers. Adam recited the prayers and the blackness vanished from head to the chest. When it was time for the next prayer Archangel Gabriel told him that it was time for second prayer. Adam prayed the second time and, the darkness vanished up to his navel. Again after some time Archangel Gabriel reminded that it was

time for the third prayer. Adam prayed the third time and darkness vanished from the navel to the thighs. Then again Archangel Gabriel said that it was time for the fourth prayer. Adam completed his fourth prayer and the darkness vanished until the legs. Then Archangel Gabriel told Adam to pray the fifth time and all the darkness vanished from his body. Adam praised Allah and thanked Him profusely. Archangel Gabriel said, “O Adam! This is the model prayers for your children. It means that if they pray five times a day all their sins shall be cleansed like the darkness vanished from your body.”

A  reliable  tradition  from  Imam  al-Sadiq  (a.s.)


During the circumambulation a man approached my father, kept his hand on his shoulder and said, “I want to ask you three questions and I know that no one knows the answers except you.” Imam al-Baqir (a.s.) kept quiet and when he completed the circumambulation he came to Hijr Ismail and offered a two-Rak’ah prayer. After concluding the prayers he inquired about the person who had questioned him. He came and sat down facing my father. He asked, “How did the Angels regain Allah’s pleasure after they had objected to His creation of Adam. Imam (a.s.) replied, “The Angels performed the circumambulation of the Holy Throne for seven years and sought divine forgiveness and only then did Allah forgive them.” “You have spoken the truth,” said the man. “Then how did Allah become satisfied with Adam “Imam (a.s.) said, “When Adam came down to the Earth, he landed at Hind (India). He prayed to Allah who is the Creator of the House. Allah told him to come to His House, circumambulate seven times and perform all the rituals of the Hajj in Arafat and Mina. From India, he came to Makkah and wherever he placed his feet,

the places became inhabited and prosperous. And where he did not step the places became remained deserted. Then he performed the circumambulation seven times and completed all the Hajj rituals as ordered by Allah. Due to this Allah accepted his repentance and forgave him. Seven rounds of Adam were equivalent to seven years’ circumambulation of the Holy Throne by Angels. At that time Archangel Gabrielcametohimandsaid,“Congratulations! Allah has forgiven you. And I have also performed circumambulation of this Holy House 300 years before you did.” Adam (a.s.) said, “O Allah! Forgive me and my progeny.” Allah said, “I will forgive those who believe in Me and My Prophet.” The man said, “You have said the truth!” and left the assembly. My father said to me, “That was none other than Archangel Gabriel. Your teacher in religion came to teach you.”1

It is narrated through a reliable chain of narrators that Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.) said,

“When Adam came down to the Earth. He performed the circumambulation of Ka’bah for a hundred years. During this period he did not once  glance at  Hawwa.  Due to  the expulsion from the Heaven he was weeping and tears flowed freely from his eyes. Archangel Gabriel came to him and said, ‘Hayyaakal laaho Wa Bayyaaka’. When Archangel Gabriel said, “Hayyaakal laaho” Adam understood that Allah had forgiven him, and when Archangel Gabriel said “Bayyaaka” he became extremely happy and stood at the door of the Ka’bah which had the covering of cow and camel skins and said, ‘Allaahumma Aqlenee A’sratee Wagh Fir Lee Zanbee Wa A-i’dnee Elad Daaril Latee Akhrajtanee Minhaa” Allah said, “I have forgiven your sins and pardoned your deviation and I will put


you back in the heaven from where you were expelled.”

The   Ahle   Tasannun   have   narrated   through numerous chains from Abdullah Ibn Abbas that he said, “I asked the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) regarding the words that Adam learnt from his Lord. Through which his  repentance  was  accepted.”  The  Holy  Prophet (s.a.w.a.)  said,  “He  sought  forgiveness  through  the right  of  Muhammad  (s.a.w.a.),  Ali  (a.s.),  Fatemah (s.a.), Hasan (a.s.) and Husain (a.s.) and was forgiven.” There are quite a few traditions on this subject that are discussed in the third volume of Hayaatul Qoloob. Through other chains of narrators the Shi’a and Sunni scholars narrate from Ibn Abbas that when the Almighty  created  Adam  and  put  in  him  His  spirit, Adam sneezed all of a sudden. Allah sent to him a

revelation and Adam (a.s.) said, “Praise be to Allah.”

Qur’anic verse,

Then Adam received (some) words from his Lord, so He turned to him mercifully;

When Adam came to the Earth he made a finger ring and engraved upon it: “Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) is the Messenger of Allah and Ali (a.s.) is the Commander of the Faithful. The agnomen of Adam was Abu Muhammad.”

According to an authentic tradition Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.) said that Adam requested, “O Allah! I implore You in the name of Muhammad, Ali, Fatemah (s.a.), Hasan and Husain, accept my repentance.” Allah asked him how he knew Muhammad. Adam (a.s.) said, “When I was created and I rose up my head I saw the following words written on the Holy Throne: Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) is the Messenger of Allah and

Ali is the Commander of the Faithful.”


َ  ُّ ك



يرحمك” (May your Lord have mercy

upon you.) When the Angels prostrated before him he asked, “O my Lord have You created anything dearer than me?” There was no reply. He asked the same question the second time, but still there was no reply. He repeated the question the third time. This time Allah said, “Indeed there are some creatures. And if they hadn’t been there I wouldn’t have created even you, O Adam!” Adam requested Allah to show him those exalted personalities. The Almighty ordered the Angels of Hijab (coverings) to remove all the coverings. The coverings were removed and five luminous personalities became visible before the Holy Throne. “Who are these?” asked Adam. Allah said, “O Adam! This is Muhammad, My Prophet, and this is Ali, the Commander of the Faithful, this is Fatemah (s.a.) the daughter of My Prophet, and these two are Hasan and Husain, the children of Ali and the sons of My Prophet. And O Adam! They are from your progeny.” Adam was pleased to hear it. And when he committed that grave error he repented and sought forgiveness upon the rights of Muhammad, Ali, Fatemah (s.a.), Hasan and Husain. Allah forgave him. This is the meaning of the


When Adam repented and accepted the Wilayah

of these personalities and prayed by the rights of Muhammad, Ali, Fatemah (s.a.) Hasan and Husain, Allah forgave him. These were the words that Adam had learnt from his Lord.

It is narrated from the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.) that Adam came to this earth on a Friday.

(Extracted from Hayaat al-Qoloob, volume 2)