Dua-e-Mashlool (Prayer Of The Paralytic)


In the Name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful.

O Allah, verily I beseech You by Your Name: In the Name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful. O Lord of majesty and honor! O Ever-living! O Self-subsistent! O Ever-Living! There is no god but You! O He Whom none knows what He is, nor how He is, nor where He is, nor in what respect He is, but He! O Possessor of dominion and kingdom! O Possessor of might and invincibility! O King! O All-holy! O Giver of peace! O Granter of security! O All-preserver! O Almighty! O All-compeller! O All-sublime! O Creator! O Maker! O Shaper! O grantor of Benefits! O Director! O Severe (in punishing the evildoers)! O Originator! O Returner! O Destroyer! O All-loving! O All-praiseworthy! O All-worshipped! O Far! O Nigh! O Responder! O Watcher! O Reckoner! O Innovator! O Exalter! O Inaccessible! O All-hearing! O All-knowing! O All-clement! O All-generous! O All-wise! O Eternal! O All-high! O All-tremendous! O All-commiserating! O All-gracious! O Condemner! O Recourse! O All-majestic! O All-handsome! O Guardian! O Surety! O Annuller! O Bestower! O All-noble! O Leader! O Guide! O All-Apparent! O First! O Last! O Outward! O Inward! O All-steadfast! O Everlasting! O Knower! O Decider! O Judge! O Just! O Separator! O Joiner! O Pure! O Purifier! O All-powerful! O All-able! O All-great! O All-sublime! O One! O Unique! O eternally Besought of all! O He Who begets not and was not begotten, equal to Whom is none, Who has no consort, with Him is no aide nor has He taken any adviser, nor needs He any assistant, nor with Him is any god but He— there is no god but You. So exalted are You above what the evildoers say, a great exaltation! O All-high! O All-lofty! O All-towering! O All-opener! O All-diffuser! O All-restful! O Bestower of relief! O Helper! O Giver of victory! O Comprehender! O Destroyer! O Avenger! O Upraiser! O Inheritor! O Seeker! O Vanquisher! O He from Whom no fugitive can escape! O All-relenting! O All-forbearing! O All-bestower! O Originator of all means! O Opener of all doors! O He Who answers wherever He is called upon! O All-Pure! O All-thankful! O Exempter! O Forgiver! O Light of light! O Director of all affairs! O All-subtle! O All-aware! O Protector! O Illuminator! O All-seeing! O All-aiding! O All-great! O Alone! O Solitary! O Eternity without end! O Support! O Everlasting Refuge! O All-sufficient! O All-healing! O All-fulfilling! O All-relieving! O All-kind! O All-gracious! O All-benevolent! O All-bountiful! O All-beneficent! O All-solitary! O He Who is exalted and dominates! O He Who is master and exercises power! O He Who is inward and aware! O He Who is worshipped and thankful! O He Who is disobeyed and forgives! O He Who is not encompassed by thoughts, nor perceived by vision, and from Whom no trace remains hidden! O Provider of mankind! O Determiner of every lot! O Lofty in place! O Firm in supports! O Transformer of times! O Accepter of sacrifices! O Lord of graciousness and benevolence! O Lord of might and force! O All-compassionate! O All-merciful! O He Who is every day upon some labor! O He Who is not distracted from one labor by another! O Tremendous in rank! O He Who is in every place! O He Who hears all sounds! O He Who answers all supplications! O He Who fulfils all entreaties! O He Who provides all needs! O He Who sends down blessings! O He Who has mercy upon tears! O He Who annuls slips! O He Who removes troubles! O He Who sponsors good things! O He Who exalts in rank! O He Who bestows requests! O He Who gives life to the dead! O He Who gathers all scattered things! O He Who is aware of all intentions! O He Who brings back what has passed away! O He for Whom sounds are never indistinct! O He Who never becomes annoyed at requests nor covered by shadows! O Light of the earth and the heavens! O Ample in blessings! O Repeller of adversities! O Maker of the breaths of life! O He Who gathers together the nations! O Healer of illnesses! O Creator of light and darkness! O Lord of munificence and generosity! O He upon Whose Throne no foot treads! O Most Munificent of the most munificent! O Most Generous of the most generous! O Most Hearing of the hearers! O Most Seeing of the viewers! O Protector of those who seek protection! O Sanctuary of the fearful! O Asylum of the refugees! O Patron of the believers! O Helper of those who seek aid! O Goal of the seekers! O Companion of every stranger! O Intimate of everyone alone! O Refuge of every outcast! O Shelter of every wanderer! O Custodian of everyone astray! O He Who is merciful to old men! O He Who provides for small infants! O He Who sets broken bones! O He Who releases every prisoner! O He Who enriches the miserable pauper! O He Who safeguards the fearful seeker of protection! O He Who governs and determines! O He for Whom the difficult is simple and easy! O He Who never needs an explanation! O He Who is powerful over everything!’ O He Who is aware of everything! O He Who sees everything! O Sender of the winds! O Cleaver of the dawn! O Dispatcher of the spirits! O Lord of munificence and forbearance! O He in Whose Hand is every key! O He Who hears every sound! O He Who takes precedence over everything that passes away! O He Who gives life to every soul after death! O my Provision in my hardship! O my Maintainer in my exile! O my Intimate in my lonesomeness! O my Sponsor in my blessings! O my haven when the ways make me weary when relatives give me up and when every companion forsakes me! O Backing of him who has no backing! O Support of him who has no support! O Store of him who has no store! O Sanctuary of him who has no sanctuary! O Cave of him who has no cave! O Treasure of him who has no treasure! O castle of him who has no castle! O Help of him who has no help! O backer of him who has no backer! O my Adjacent Neighbor! O my Sturdy Pillar! O My God in truth! O Lord of the Ancient House! O All-affectionate! O Friend! Deliver me from the chains of strictures, turn away from me every care, grief and distress, protect me from the evil of that which I cannot bear, and help me in that which I am able to bear! O He Who returned Yusuf to Yaqoob! O He Who removed the affliction of Ayyub! O He Who forgave the sin of Dawood! O He Who caused Eesaa, the son of Mariyam, to ascend and delivered him from the hands of the Jews! O He Who answered Yunus’s call in the darkness! O He Who chose Moosa by spoken words! O He Who forgave Adam his slip and raised Idr¢s to a high place through his mercy! O He Who saved Nooh from drowning! O He Who destroyedd, the ancient, and Samood, and did not spare them, and the people of Nooh before; certainly, they were most unjust and more rebellious, and al-Mo’tafekah, He also overthrew. O He Who destroyed the people of Lot and crushed the people of Shoaib! O He Who took Ibrahim for a friend! O You Who took Moosa for an object of His words, and took Muhammad, may Allah bless him and his Household, for a beloved! O He Who gave Luqman wisdom, and bestowed upon Sulaiman a kingdom such as may not befit anyone after him! O He Who gave Zul-Qarnayn victory over the tyrannical kings! O He Who gave al-Khizr (eternal) life and returned the sun to Yoosha’, the son of Noon, after its setting! O He Who strengthened the heart of Moosa’s mother, and guarded the virginity of Maryam, the daughter of Imraan! O He Who fortified Yahya, the son of Zakariyya, against sins and calmed the anger of Moosa! O He Who gave Zakariyya the good news of the birth of Yahya! O He Who ransomed Ismaeel from the sacrifice with a mighty sacrifice! O He Who accepted the sacrifice of Haabeel and placed a curse upon Qaabeel! O He Who routed the parties for Muhammad, may Allah bless him and his Household! Bless Muhammad, the household of Muhammad, all the messengers, Your archangels, and all those who obey You! I beseech You the supplication of every one who has besought you and with whom You have been pleased and thus decided to grant his request. O Allah! O Allah! O Allah! O All-merciful! O All-merciful! O All-merciful! O All-compassionate! O All-compassionate! O All-compassionate! O Lord of majesty and honor! O Lord of majesty and honor! O Lord of majesty and honor! By Him! By Him! By Him! By Him! By Him! By Him! By Him! I beseech You by every Name with which You have named Yourself or which You have sent down in one of Your scriptures or kept for Yourself in the knowledge of the Unseen with You, by the junctures of might for Your Throne, by the utmost limit of mercy from Your Book, by the fact that, “though all the trees in the earth were pens and the sea – seven seas after it to replenish it, yet the words of Allah not be spent. Allah is All-mighty, All-wise.” And I beseech You by Your Most Excellent Names that You have described in Your book thus saying, “To Allah belong the Most Excellent Names, so call Him by them!” And You said: “Call upon Me and I will answer you.” And You said: “And when My servants ask you concerning Me, then surely I am very near; I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he calls on Me.” And You said: “Say: O My servants who have been prodigal against yourselves; do not despair of Allah’s mercy. Surely, Allah forgives all sins. Surely, He is the All-forgiving, the All-compassionate.” And I ask You, O my God, I call You, O my Lord, I please You, O my Master, and I desire for You to respond to me, O my Protector, just as You have promised me – for I have called You just as You have commanded me. So, do to me what is worthy of You, O All-generous! All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. May Allah bless Muhammad and his entire Household.