Jamadi al-Ula

To Allah (s.w.t.) belong all months


One of the best supplications recited on sighting the new moon of all months is 43rd Dua of Imam Zainul Abedeen (a.s.)’s ‘Sahifat al-Kamilah’. Recitation of Surah al-Hamd seven times wards off eye trouble.

On the 13th, 14th and 15th of Jamadi-al-Ula, recitation the Ziyarat of Sayyeda Fatema az-Zahra (s.a.) and holding mourning ceremonies in her memory are recommended.

The important historical days of this month are:

1st Death of Harun Abbasi.
13th Shahadat  of  Sayyeda  Fatema  (s.a.),  11  A.H.
  (According to one riwayat, it may be 3rd Jamadi-
15th Birth of Imam Zainul Aabedin (a.s.), 37 A.H. and
  Conquest of Basra



A four rak’at salat (namaz) is strongly recommeded to all our Mo’min brothers and sisters, which can be offered on any of the days of this month.

In the first rak’at recite Surah al-Hamd once, Ayatul Kursi once, and Surah al-Qadr 25 times and in the second rak’at, Surah al-Hamd once, Surah al-Takasur once, and Surah al-Ikhlas 25 times. Complete the salat with tashahhud and salaam. For the next 2 rak’at, recite Surah al-Hamd once, Surah al-Kaaferun once and Surah al-Falak 25 times in the 3rd rak’at and in the 4th rak’at recite Surah al-Hamd once, Surah al-Nasr once and Surah al-Naas 25 times. Complete the salat with tashahhud and salaam, after which recite 70 times ‘Subhaa-Nallaahe wal-Hamdo lillaahe walaa elaaha illallaaho wallaaho Akbar’ and say three times : ‘Allahummaghfir lil mo’menin wal mo’menaat’. Then prostrate by placing your forhead on the ground and recite the following thrice : “Yaa Hayyo Yaa Qayyum Yaa Zaljalale wal Ikraam Yaa Allaaho Yaa Rahmaano Yaa Rahimo Yaa Arhamar Raahemin.” Finally pray to Allah Ta’ala for granting your wishes.

The prime benefit of this four Rak’at namaz is that Allah will safeguard the person and his family members’ faith, wellbeing and wealth until the next year. And if the person who offers his namaz were to die in that year, he will get the reward of martyr’s death. And his hardships will be eased and wishes shall be granted Insha-Allah.

The important historical days of this months are :

3rd Shahadat of Sayyeda Fatemah (s.a.), 11 A.H. (26-
  8-632 A.D.) (Mafatih, Misbah-e-Tusi, Allama
  Jawadi, Al-Mizan, Anwar al-Husainiya, vol. 3, p.
  39) (According to some scholars, on 13th or 14th
  of Jamadi-al-Ula)
15th Birth  of  Imam  Zainul  Abedin  (a.s.)  38  A.H.
  (According to Maulana Najmul Hasan Aalaamul
  Waraa and Manaqil, vol. 4)
20th Birth of Sayyeda Fatemah (s.a.) 5th year after
  declaration of prophethood (Be’sat) 46 Aammul-
  fil (2-1-615 A.D.) (Ibid)
26th Martyrdom of Imam Ali an-Naqi (a.s.), 254 A.H.
  (868 A.D.) (According to some on 3rd Rajab).