Prophet Nooh (a.s.)



Ali Ibn Ibrahim relates from Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq those who have already believed, therefore do not grieve at what they do.” (a.s.) that when Nuh began his mission and invited people towards Allah, they rejected his invitation This situation lasted for 300 years when Nuh decided to invoke a Divine curse. It was early dawn and a group of 2000 great angels arrived from the first heaven, Nuh inquired from them who they were? They replied they were angels of the first heaven whose width is equivalent to 500 years journey and from the first heaven to the Earth; the distance is of 500 years. “We started near dawn and have reached here now to recommend  to  you  not  to  invoke a curse  on  your people.” Nuh said, “I agree. I will allow a grace period of  300  years.”  Another  300 years passed but the people did not bring faith. Once again, he thought of invoking a Divine curse on them. Again, a 2000-strong group of angels came from the second heaven. Nuh asked, “Who are you?”

They replied, “We are 2000 tribes among the tribes of angels from the second heaven. The width of the second heaven is equivalent to 500 years’ journey and likewise from the second heaven to the first heaven and from the first heaven to the Earth is a distance of 500 years. We started near dawn and have arrived here. (i.e. we have undertaken a long journey). We have come to request you not to curse your people.’

Nuh said that another 300 years respite was granted. And when 300 years had passed and the people still did not bring faith, he thought of cursing them. At that ti      Allah said,

“None  of  your  people  will  believe  except those who have already believed, therefore do not grieve at what they do.” 

Nuh said,

“My Lord! Leave not upon the land any dweller from among the unbelievers. For surely if Thou leave them they will lead astray Thy servants, and will not beget any but immoral, ungrateful (children).”

Allah ordered Nuh to plant palm trees and Nuh planted them. The people saw this and were amused that Nuh has lived for 900 years and was now keen on planti palm trees. They ridiculed him and even began to throw stand even him. Fift years passed in this way while the trees grew tall and strong. Then the command of Allah came to cut down the trees. Seeing this, the people again ridiculed Nuh saying, “Now that the trees have grown so big this old man was cutti them down. He has lost his wits and old age has affected his wisdom.”

As the Almighty says,

“And he began to make the ark; and whenever the chiefs from among his people passed by him they laughed at him. He said, ‘If you laugh at us, surely we too laugh at you as you laugh (at us).’ So shall you know who it  is  on  whom  will  come  a  chassis which will disgrace him, and on whom will last chastity come down?”

Imam (a.s.) said that the Almighty had ordered him to build a ship and delegated Archangel Gabriel to teach him the technique. Nuh began to construct the ship. Its length was twelve hundred hands, width 800 hands and height 80. Nuh inquired, “Who will assist me in building this ship.”

Allah revealed to him to announce among his people that whosoever would help him in making the ship and scrape a log, the shavings will turn into gold and silver. When Nuh announced this, the  people came along to help him in building the ship. But at the same ti they mocked him saying that he was building a ship in the middle of a desert.