Your Questions Answered

Answers by Allama Sayyed Mohammad Moosawi Saheb

Q. Will  Namaz  be  considered  valid  where  the   tongue; this is the parable of the people who
  person  doing  prostration  has  long  toe-nails   reject Our communications;…”?
  touching the floor? A. According to an authentic narrative, the person
A. Namaz will not be valid if only the toe-nails touch   referred to in the above-mentioned verse (7:176)
  the floor in prostration and not the toes. A true   was Bal’am bin Baaur who knew the Greatest
  Muslim should not be careless about personal   Name of Allah (Ism-e-A’zam) but due to his avid
  hygiene such that his nails remain uncut for so   transgression had it effaced from the memory.
  long.   Some scholars hold that it concerns Bal’am bin
Q. What are we supposed to do if we have so many   Abr, Bal’am bin Aamer or Umayyat ibn Abasalt
  qaza (lapsed) prayers, stretching back over many   but they agree that he was a Bani-Israeli man.
  years, that we can’t count them any more and it Q. Is   Ghusl-e-Janabnat   (obligatory   ceremonial
  would take a long time to make them all up?   bath) affected if the person discharges gas or
A. Recite as much Qada prayers as you can until you   urinates in between?
  acquire satisfaction that you owe no more. A. If while taking bath, the person discharges gas
Q. Can one perform Wuzu in the state of janabat?   through  the  rectum  or  urinates,  he  should
A. If it is not possible to do ghusl (bath) immediately,   abandon that bath and take a fresh bath.
  one performs Wuzu for earning Allah’s pleasure. Q. In case the haram money is mixed with the halal
  Basically this Wuzu is done for eating, drinking or   money what is to be done?
  sleeping     purpose     and     Namaz                     cannot       be A. If halal property gets mixed up in such a way that
  performed with this Wuzu.   it is not possible to identify each from the other,
Q. Can a person give the share of the Sayyeds from   and the owner of the haraam property and its
  his Khums to his wife who is a Sayyedah?   quantity  are  not  known,  and  if  it  is  also  not
A. On the basis of obligatory precaution, he should   known  whether  the  quantity  of  the  haraam
  not give khums to her so that she may meet her   property is more or less than the due Khums, the
  own expenses with it. It would be permissible for   person concerned should pay Khums, with the
  the husband to give khums to her so that she   Niyyat of Qurbat on the entire property, to one
  may use it on her non-obligatory expenses.   entitled to receive Khums and such properties
Q. Who is the person referred to in the verses, “…   whose  owners  are  unknown,  and  after  the
  We would certainly have exalted him thereby,   payment of Khums the balance will become halal
  but he clung to the earth and followed his low   for him.
  desire, so his parable is as the parable of the Q. Is  it  permissible  to  attend  the  funeral  of  a
  dog; if you attack him he lolls out his tongue;   Muslim drunkard?
  and  if  you  leave  him  alone  he  lolls  out  his A. It is not forbidden.