(Courtesy: Dr Jay Mehta)

Q: What is a fibroid?   original size.
A: A fibroid Is a benign growth in the uterus. Close Q: How common is the risk of fibroids becoming
  to 70 percent woman may be detected with a   malignant?
  fibroid once in their life. The fibroid can occur in A: The risk is practically negligible. It is exceedingly
  various positions in the female uterus, based on   rare.
  which they cause a variety of symptoms right Q: Can  fibroids  of  all  sizes  be  removed  with
  from  heavy  bleeding  to  abdominal  pain  and   Laparoscopic Surgery?
  infertility. A: Yes, with an experienced team, size and number
Q: Are  small  and  seedling  fibroids  a  reason  to   is not an issue. 3D laparoscopy, especially, has a
  worry?   huge advantage providing better patient safety
A: No. These fibroids are commonly detected when   allowing better precision for large fibroids. With
  a woman undergoes a pelvic ultrasound on a   3D laparoscopic, the suturing of the myometrium
  routine  health  check-up.  These  fibroids  are   deep in the pelvis is easy, which allows for better
  typically less than one centimetre in size and   reconstruction of the uterus.
  simply  need  follow  up  and  no  other  active Q: How  soon  can  one  resume  activity  post-3D
  management.   laparoscopic surgery for fibroids?
Q: When do fibroids need a surgical removal? A: Usually, patients are allowed to go home within
A: Fibroids     associated      with                     infertility          heavy   24  to  36  hours  post-surgery.  Even  for  large
  bleeding,  abdominal  pain  or  causing  pressure   fibroids,  patients  resume  routine  work  within
  symptoms  warrant  a  removal  after  a  clinical   two to three days post procedure.
  assessment. Also, fibroids which are large in size Q: What is the risk of these fibroids coming back
  but   not   cause   any   symptoms   apart   from   once the surgery is done?
  heaviness   in   the   abdomen,   need   surgical A: There  does  exist  a  risk  of  recurrence,  which
  removal.   varies from case to case. In a well-done surgery,
Q: Is    there     a     safe     medication        available    to   where procedures like uterine artery Ligation are
  permanently cure fibroids?   performed, the risk reduces significantly.
A: There is no such medication, which can offer a Q: How  soon  can  one  become  pregnant  after
  permanent cure to fibroids. Most medications   laparoscopic fibroid removal surgery?
  cause  a  temporary  reduction  in  the  fibroid A: Usually, a break of about three to six months is
  volume,  however,  once  the  modifications  are stopped,  the  fibroids  regrow  back  to  their   recommended following which one can safely plan to become pregnant.