Your Questions Answered

Answers by Allama Sayyed Mohammad Moosawi Saheb

Q. Is it permitted to place one’s forehead during   Tayammum, have the intention and also manage
  Sajdah on written paper?   for the Qaza of the fast, according to Ehtiyat. The
A. In the absence of proper material for Sajdah, one   person   must   then   perform   Ghusl-e-Janabat
  can use written or printed paper, provided, the   immediately for the Namaz. If a person ignores
  paper is not painted or coloured, because that   Tayammum, he has to manage the Qaza as well
  makes a layer on the paper.   as the kaffara (i.e. expiation) for that day’s fast.
Q. My question is in regard to “mannat”. Is it true Q. Is Khums [religious tax] waajib [compulsory] on
  that we cannot do mannat of Namaz or fasting,   a person who has a qarz [dues payable]?
  if we have any that are qaza? If this is true, I A. If you are under debt and during your khums
  know that as far as Namaz is concerned, we   year, you have paid out a part of your debt then
  must  complete  our  qaza  Namaz  ourselves.   this payment can be considered as your expense,
  However, is this also true when it comes to roza   other wise qarz does not effect khums payment.
  (fasting) or is there any other way to make up   It still becomes applicable.
  the  owed  roza?  For  example,  can  we  send Q. What is the meaning of the word “Masaani” in
  money?   verse number 87 of Surah Al-Hijr (The Rock)?
A. The word you are looking for is ‘Nazr’ – a vow to A. We  have  it  from  Tahzib  on  the  authority  of
  recite Namaz or fast upon successful completion   Mohammad  bin  Muslim  that  he  asked  Imam
  of something. This can be done even if we have   Sadiq (a.s.) whether the seven verses of Masaani
  Qaza (outstanding). Qaza fasts or Namaz cannot   is Surah Al-Fateha (The Opening). Imam Sadiq
  be  delegated  to  someone  else  during  ones   (a.s.) replied in the affirmative.
  lifetime. Butitshouldbeone’ssincereendeavours Q. Are liquid medicines, perfumes, ghee, soap and
  to  complete  all  one’s  Qaza  Namaz  and  fasts   polish made in non-Islamic countries pure?
  during ones lifetime itself. These can, however, A. If one is not sure of their being impure and there
  be delegated after death by either leaving a will   is  likelihood  of  it  being  pure,  they  can  be
  to that effect or to the eldest son (or any child for   considered as pure.
  that matter)  gets  the  qaza  fulfilled  by  paying Q. Can I inform my friend that the person he is
  people to do it.   about to enter into business-partnership is not
Q. A person finds that not enough time is available   reliable even though my friend has not asked for
  for performing Ghusl-e-Janabat and the dawn is   my advice? Would it be considered as gheebat?
  about   to   break.   Can   the   person   perform A. If you are asked about your opinion, inform him.
  Tayammum? Can the person say the morning   If there is possibility of loss, you may advise him


prayers with that Tayammum?

If  dawn   is  close,   the   junub   must   perform

  without  being  asked  and  without  taking  his name.