Your Questions Answered

Answers by Allama Sayyed Mohammad Moosawi Saheb

Q.   How should a person make the niyyat (intention) of a fast?

A. A person can make niyyat every night of the Holy month of Ramazan that he would be fasting on the following day, and it is better to make niyyat on the first night of the month of Ramazan that he would be fasting throughout the month. The last time for making niyyat to observe a fast is moments before Azan of Fajr prayers.

As for ‘Mustahab’ fast one can make its niyyat at any time of the day, even moments before Maghrib provided he has not committed any such act which invalidates the fast.

If a person sleeps before Azan for Fajr prayers in Ramazan or any other day fixed for an obligatory fast without making a niyyat and wakes up before Zohr to make a niyyat of fast, his fast will be in order. But if he wakes up after Zohr, as a precaution (Ehtiyaat), he should continue with the abstinence with the niyyat of Qurbat and then observe its ‘qaza’ also.

Q. Can a person wear a gold-plated watch during Namaz?

A. Men are not allowed to wear anything of gold or gold plated, not only during prayers but at all times. This rule does not apply to women.

Q. What is the position with a Muslim committing suicide, particularly in respect of Namaz-e- Janaza; burial rites; praying for the Muslim who committed suicide?

A. All rituals from Ghusl (bath) to Dafan (burial) and Namaz-e-Janaza in respect of a Muslim who died by suicide is wajib (obligatory) and compulsory. There is no harm in praying for his/her soul.

Q. Which things make a fast void (batil)?

A. There are nine acts which invalidate fast:

  1. Eating or drinking.
  2. Sexual intercourse.
  3. Masturbation or any sexual activity resulting in ejaculation.
  4. Ascribing false things  to  Allah (s.w.t.) Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) and Ahlul Bayt (a.s.)
  5. Swallowing heavy dust or thick
  6. Submerging one’s entire head in
  7. Remaining in need of Ghusl-e-Janabat, Ghusl-e- Haiz or Ghusl-e-Nifas up to the time of morning Azan;
  8. Taking a liquid enema and
  9. Intentional vomiting.
Q. If someone, who needs Ghusl-e-Janabat in the nights of the month of Ramazan sleeps and does not wake up before the time of morning Azan, will his fast be in order?

A. If a person in Janabat, does not perform Ghusl (bath) intentionally till the time of Fajr prayers his/her fast becomes void and if the time left before Azan is short he/she should perform tayammum and observe the fast. However, as a precaution (Ehteyat), its qaza should be observed.

Q. Will a woman’s fast be valid if she gets paak from Haiz or Nifas just near the Fajr Prayers, in the month of Ramazan and has no time left for ghusl (bath) or tayammum.

A. Yes, her fast will be in order.