The concerned supplications for this occasion can be seen in the book of Iqbaalul Aamaal, p. 283 (of Sayyid Ibn Tawoos), when a person sets out to perform the prayers of Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Azhaa. We

“There is no Eid of the Muslims, whether Fitr or Azhaa, but that it increases the grief of Aal-e- Muhammad (a.s.) because they (Aal-e- Muhammad) see their right in the hands of others.” shall mention it, Inshallah, in this book later. And also the supplication that is prescribed for recitation at the time of going out for the Eidul Fitr Prayer, proves this. Sayyid Ibn Tawoos says: We shall mention a part of that which is mentioned about supplications to be recited on the way. As you leave, begin with the following Dua, till the Imam of the congregations begins the Prayers. And if you are not able to recite all the Duas, you may recite them after the ritual prayers, by way of Qadha (fulfilment of lapsed rituals).

O Allah, I turn my face to You…O Allah, bless Your Wali, who awaits for Your order, and awaits for the Faraj of Your Awliya. O Allah, mend the break through him, and remove the dispersal through him, and finish off injustice through him, and establish justice through him, and decorate the earth through his long life and make Your help to follow him, and help him through awe, and strengthen all those who help him, and degrade those who wish for his defeat, destroy all those who want to fight him and eradicate all those who want to deceive him…

It is also recommended to recite Dua Nudbah on both the above instances and includes the supplications that are to be recited when one intends to perform Namaz-e-Eid. Imam Sadiq (a.s.) said to Abdullah Ibne Deenar,

(Ilalush Sharai of Shaykh Sadooq, p. 389)

The Infallible Imams (a.s.) are the inheritors of the Holy Quran Dawood Ibn al-Hashim al-Ja’fari recounts, “I asked Imam Abu Muhammad (al-Askari a.s.) about the word of Allah, ‘Then we gave in inheritance the Book to those whom We chose from Our servants. So from them is the one who is unjust to himself and from them is the moderate one and from them is the one who is foremost in good deeds with the permission of Allah’ (Surah Faatir (35): Verse 32). He (a.s.) replied,

All of them belong to the progeny of Muhammad. The one who is unjust to himself is the one who does not acknowledge the Imam’. On hearing this, I started crying and I started thinking about the greatness of the bounty that is given to the progeny of Muhammad (salutations be on Muhammad and his progeny). So, Abu Muhammad (a.s.) looked at me and said, ‘The reality of the affair is even greater than what you think about the great position of Muhammad’s progeny. Then, praise Allah for indeed, you have been made to fasten unto their rope; you will be called on the Day of Judgment with them when all other people will be called with their Imams. So, receive  glad  tidings, O Aba Hashim, because surely you are on goodness.”


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The reward of Prophethood is the love of his Ahle Bait (a.s.)

Salaam Ibn al-Mustaneer said: I asked Imam Abu Ja’far (al-Baqer) (a.s.) about the word of Allah, “Say: I don’t ask you any reward for it (Prophethood) except the love of my close relatives.” He (a.s.) replied, “By Allah! It is compulsory from Allah upon the people (to reward) Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) (for his efforts in Prophethood) concerning his Ahle Bait (a.s.) (i.e. to love them).”


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