Your Questions Answered

Answers by Allama Sayyed Mohammad Moosawi Saheb

Q. Can a person wear a belt or watchstrap made Q. What is the ruling for a person who travels after
  from snake-skin?   noon (zohr) during the month of Ramazan while
A. Namaz will be rendered invalid. Even one hair of   fasting?
  an animal which is not edible, is not allowed to A. He should complete his fast and there is no qaza
  be carried during prayer.   on him.
Q. When performing Wuzu if whilst washing one’s Q. Is  it  permissible  to  go  for  Umrah  or  Ziyarat
  face using the bath-tap, the water from the tap   during the month of Ramazan?
  bounces out of the bath onto one’s body/skin A. One is allowed to travel during the month of
  does it nullify the Wuzu as a bath is unclean by   Ramazan even if it is to avoid fasting. It is Makruh
  its nature? Does the position change if Wuzu   (i.e. undesirable) unless it is for Umrah or Ziyarat
  has  already  been  performed  and  the  water   or to serve in the army of an Islamic government
  drops splash onto oneself?   or to save a life or if it is after the twenty third
A. Such water is not Najis as it is from the tap, even   day of the month of Ramazan.
  if  it  bounces  out  because  it  is  flowing  water Q. Is khums applicable on ‘Nazr’ (vow) and Kaffara
  (jaari). Such flowing water makes the parts that   (atonement)?
  it touches from the bath clean (taahir), so it does A. Whatever   a   person   spends   on   vow   and
  not nullify Wuzu at all. Such water is taahir and   atonement is a part of his annual expenditure
  does not affect the Wuzu at any stage.   and khums is not applicable on it.
Q. What should one do if he is not certain whether Q. What  is  the  best  thing  for  increasing  one’s
  it is the last day of Shabaan or the first day of   economic status and attracting Allah’s ‘Barakat’
  the month of Ramazan?   (blessings) in one’s business and livelihood?
A. In such case the fast on that day is not obligatory. A. By reciting Surah al-Waqe’ah every night and by
  If, however, somebody wants to observe fast on   reciting  Isteghfar  (Astaghferullaah  Rabbi  Wa
  that day he cannot do so with the intention of   Atoobo elayhe) and Salawat as much as possible.
  observing the month of Ramazan fast, but if he   Also by taking out Khums and Zakat regularly
  makes an intention that if it is month of Ramazan   and giving Sadaqa (charity) continuously.
  then it is the month of Ramazan fast and if it is Q. Are nail, hair, teeth and bones of dead human
  not the month of Ramazan then it is Qaza fast,   beings or animals pure?
  his fast will be valid. But it is better to observe A. Those parts of a dead body (other than that of a
  the fast with the intention of Qaza fast or some   dog, pig or a disbeliever) which does not contain
  other fast, and if it is known later that it was   life, such as nail, hair, teeth and bones are pure.
  month of Ramazan then it will automatically be    
  considered as month of Ramazan fast.