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2 men stabbed to death in mosque in South Africa

RNA – The deadly incident occurred in Malmesbury, a small town in South Africa’s Western Cape Province, on Thursday morning, local police said.

Police added that several other people had also been wounded in the attack before the assailant was shot dead by police.

“Malmesbury police were called out to a local mosque and found two people dead with stab wounds and several injured,” said Noliyoso Rwexana, a spokesperson for the Western Cape police.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut, a provincial police spokesperson, police forces in Malmesbury were called out to the mosque in the early hours of the morning.

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occupied him after the death of his son and the imam replied to him in a letter of comfort saying:

“Have you not known that Allah the Almighty chooses from the properties and the children of a believer the most precious ones to reward him in return?”

(Wasaaelush Shia, vol. 2, p. 893)

Imam al-Jawad (a.s.) participated with people in their joys and distresses, comforted them in their misfortunes and disasters and helped the poor and the week. By this benevolence and charity Imam al-Jawad (a.s.) had occupied the hearts and the feelings and made people love him and be sincere to him in the full sense of the word.

These were some of the values and ideals of Imam al-Jawad (a.s.) that had raised him to the highest


“A couple of hours ago — about 03:00 — as people got themselves ready to pray, the suspect just got up and started stabbing the people,” said Malmesbury Police Constable Henry Durant, adding that the assailant had been among the worshipers apparently praying with them.

Durant said the assailant attempted to cut an old man’s head off with his knife “and the man died.”

Fellow worshipers also said that the suspect, believed to be a foreign national in his 30s, had not raised suspicions before the sudden rampage.

Traut, the provincial police spokesperson, explained that police officers approached the assailant, who refused to lay down his Rambo knife and charged at the officers. “He ignored the calls and tried to attack police. He was shot and killed in the process…”

position like his fathers who had made the springs of knowledge and wisdom overflow everywhere in the earth and raised the torch of guidance and faith.

Imamal-Jawad(a.s.) wasoneofthemostwonderful examples of virtue and perfection in the earth. People had never seen at his time an equal to him in knowledge, piety, devotedness and religiousness. He was unique in his virtues and morals which were the secret of his imamate.

The Islamic circles admired Imam al-Jawad (a.s.) and wondered at his talents and intellectual and scientific abilities which were infinite. These talents and abilities have confirmed the faith and certainty of the Shia and their belief that the imam must be the most aware, most knowledgeable, most virtuous and most pious of the people of his time.