Ghadeer Day as Festivity Day Concerning Ghadeer Day as celebration day, Sheikh Kulaini, Sheikh Saduq and Sheikh Tusi have, based on their own transmission, quoted Hasan Ibn Rashed as saying: “I told Imam Sadiq (a.s.): May I be your ransom, do the Muslims have any other eid day other than the eid days (of al-Qurban and Al-Fitr)? He (a.s.) said: Yes, O Hasan! They have another eid which is greater and nobler than the previously mentioned two eids. I said: When is this eid day? He (a.s.) said: It is on the day when Ameerul Momineen was designated as the master and leader of people. I said: May I be your ransom, which day?”
He (a.s.) said: …. the eighteenth of Zilhajj.
I said: May I be your ransom, what is our duty on this day?”
He (a.s.) said: O Hasan! Fast on this day, send a lot of salutations (salawat) to the Holy Prophet and his progeny and seek Allah’s favour by showing disgust towards those who oppressed the Prophet and his progeny, since the Prophets (a.s.) used to order their successors to celebrate on the days they appointed their successors and leaders. I said: What would be the reward for one who fasts on Ghadeer Day? He (a.s.) said: He will be given the reward of fasting for sixty months. How can we not count, as a matter of fact, the day of perfection of religion and completion of blessings, as a celebration day? It was on this day that the companions of the Prophet – including Abu Bakr and Umar– congratulated Ali (a.s.) after his designation by the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) as the leader of the people, and a great number of the Sunnite scholars have quoted the story of the companions congratulating Ali (a.s.). They include names such as Ahmad Ibn Hanbal in his Musnad, Tabari in his Tafsir, Khatib Baghdadi in his Tarikh, Ibn Hajar Makki in his al-Sawaaeq al-Mohreqa, Muhib al-Din Tabari in his al-Riyaz al-Nazarah, Muttaqi Hindi in his Kanzul Ummal etc. (Musnad Ahmad, vol. 4, p. 281; Tafseer al-Tabari, vol. 3, p. 428; Tarikh al-Baghdad, vol. 8, p. 290; al-Sawaaeq al-Mohreqah, p. 26; al-Riyaz al-Nazarah, vol. 2, p. 169; Kanzul Ummaal, vol. 6, p. 397) In his al-Asar al-Baqiah al-Biruni has considered Ghadeer Day as a day Muslims considered as celebration day. (al-Asar al-Baqiah, p. 334) In his Mataalebus So-ool, Ibn Talha says that that day (Ghadeer Day), became an eid day. (Mataalebus So-ool, p. 97) In many places in his Wafayaat al-Aayan, Ibn Khallaqan Shafe’i, a supreme judge, has called Ghadeer Day as an eid day.