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14 La-in Anjaanaa Min Haazehi Lanakoonanna Menash Shaakereen
If He (our Lord) delivers from this, certainly we shall be of the thankful.

(Surah Ana’am, 6: 63) This dua should be recited to obtain protection of Allah when calamities surround you, having total faith in His power, with firm determination that you will always thank your Lord for saving you from the calamities

15 Rabbanaa Laa Taj-a’lnaa Ma-a’l Qawmiz Zaalemeen
O our Lord, put us not together with the unjust people…

(Surah Aa’raaf, 7:47) Every true believer must seek Allah’s help to avoid the company of unjust people who not only do not believe in Allah but have gone astray by not following the rules and regulations made by Allah to direct their behavior in this world

16 Rabbanaaa Afrigh A’laynaa Sabranw wa Tawaffanaa Muslemeen
O our Lord, pour out on us patience, and make us die as those who have submitted (to You). If hardship, poverty and discomfort come in your life, you as a faithful servant of Allah must recite this dua’a to have patience and self control to remain firm on the right path and face the misfortunes boldly, without ever showing any action that has been prohibited, so that you may leave this world as a true Muslim, submitting to the will of Allah. A group of master magicians, on the invitation of Pharaoh, came to show their superiority over Moosa (a.s.) because Pharaoh wrongly thought that Moosa (a.s.) was also a magician. The magicians threw a few ropes on the floor and they took the shape of snakes. Moosa (a.s.) put the staff, he was holding in his hand, on the ground. The staff changed into a python and swallowed up the snakes. Pharaoh got angry and threatened to kill them. When the magicians came to know that Moosa (a.s.) was not a magician but a prophet of Allah, and what they saw was a miracle of Allah, they laughed at Pharaoh and recited this dua.

17 Rabbigh fir Lee Wa Le-Akhee Wa Adkhilnaa Fee Rahmateka Wa Anta Arhamur Raahemeen O Allah, forgive me and my brother and admit us to Your mercy, You are the most merciful of the merciful.

(Surah Aa’raaf, 7: 151) A true faithful must always recite this dua to seek mercy of the merciful Lord, particularly when he is in the middle of unmanageable difficulties. To receive the Tawrat Moosa (a.s.) climbed the mountain of Toor and observed fast for 30 days, as directed by Allah. Moosa (a.s.) noticed that on account of fasting his mouth was stinking, so he thought it improper to pronounce the glory of Allah with a stinking mouth, and brushed his teeth. It was considered an act of disobedience and he was required to observe fast for ten more days. After 40 days, Moosa (a.s.) came back to his people with the Tawrat, but he found his people worshipping the false god of the magician Saamiree. Seeing this  Moosa (a.s.) became angry and criticised his brother Haroon who was acting as his lieutenant, in his 40 days absence. Haroon explained that he tried his best to keep them on the right path and warned them against the tricks of the magician but they paid no attention to his advice, so his brother (Musa) should have not included hi in the group of his unjust followers. Musa on hearing the explanation of Haroon recited this dua. It is highly recommended to read this dua as qunoot in all prayers.

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