Rabbanaa Laa Taja’lnaa Fitnatal Lil-Qawmiz Zaalemeen Wa Najjenaa Berahmateka Menal Qawmil Kaafireen
O our Lord, make us not a trial for the unjust people. And deliver us by Your mercy from the disbelieving people. (Surah Yunus, 10: 85-86) When Moosa (a.s.) observed that none from among his people, save a few, trusted him, because they were in fear of Firaun and his chiefs, he advised them to put trust I Allah if they had indeed surrendered unto Him, then they recited this dua.
We must also recite this dua daily to remain firm in our faith and to seek protection of Allah from the harm of our enemies.


Rabbe Innabnee Min Ahlee Wa Inna Wa’dakal Haqqo Wa Anta Ahkamul Haakemeen
(My) Lord, verily my son is of my family; and verily Your promise is true and You are the most just of all judges. (Sura Hud, 11: 45) When Nuh (a.s.) came to know that Allah was going to destroy all that had been created, by drowning the whole world, except those who came on the ark built by him, he advised one of his sons to do the same. His son refused and told his father that he would climb a high mountain, but waves like mountains came and he was drowned. Nuh (a.s.) cried unto his Lord and said that his son was his household and that surely the word of Allah came true because He is the most just of all judges.This dua is to be recited along with any other prayer (dua) which is recited to seek fulfillment of legitimate desires.


Rabbe Innee A-o’ozo Beka An As-alaka Maa Laysa Lee Behi I’lm Wa Illaa Taghfir lee Wa Tarhamnee Akum Menal Khaasereen
O Lord, verily I seek refuge with You, from asking You that of which I have no knowledge; and unless You forgive me and have mercy on me, I shall be of the losers. (Surah Hud, 11: 47) When Nuh (a.s.) said the words, mentioned in dua 22, Allah replied to him that his son was a wrongdoer and what Allah knew Nuh did not, so he should not have relied upon his ignorance; and Nuh immediately recited this dua. We must also recite this dua to have full faith in the wisdom of Allah under all good and bad circumstances because Allah is all-knowing; and humbly seek His help to keep ourselves and our children on the right path.

Tawaffanee Muslemanw Wa Alhiqnee Bis- Saaleheen

(O Lord) Let me die submitting to You (as a Muslim), and join me with the righteous. (Sura Yusuf, 12: 101) This is the prayer of Yusuf (a.s.) which he recited when Allah gave him kingdom, taught him wisdom, saved him from the harm of his brothers, set him free from the prison, and brought his parents to meet him. We must also recite this dua if we get what we want, particularly after attaining success in any work, and after coming out safe from difficulties.


Rabbij a’l Haazal Balada Aamenaw Waj Nubnee Wa Baniyya An Na’-Bodal Asnaam

(My) Lord, make this city secure, and keep me and my sons away from worshiping idols.

(Sura Ibrahim, 14: 35) This is the dua of prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) he recited to bring peace to the city of Makkah and to keep him and his descendants safe from worshipping any other god except the one and only Allah. When a high ranking prophet like Ibrahim prayedto Allah for preserving him and his descendants from serving false gods, we, the ordinary servants of Allah, must always recite this dua as many times as possible.