Worship of Lady Fatemah Zahra (s.a.)

Hasan al-Basri says that in the community of Islam there was none who equalled the worship of Sayyedah Fatemah (s.a.), she stood up for Prayers such that her legs swelled.

The Prophet of Allah (s.a.w.a.) once asked Sayyedah Zahra (s.a.), “What is best for a woman?” She (s.a.) replied, “Neither would she look at any (non-intimate) man nor any (non-intimate) man looks at her.” The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.), after hearing her reply, embraced her and recited the following verse:

“Offspring, one from the other.”1

Imam Hasan (a.s.) relates that I saw my mother on









forth for the dwellers of the heavens, as the light of the stars shine for the dwellers of the earth.

Not referring to the Divine Proof (a.s.) is tantamount to polytheism

The narrator (Ameerah) says that I heard Imam Abu Abdillah (al-Sadeq a.s.) say:

“People   have   been   ordered   to   gain   our recognition, refer to us and submit unto us.” Then, he (a.s.) said,

“Even if they fast, pray and testify that there is no god except Allah but think in their hearts that they will not refer to us, merely by this



the night preceding Friday in the Prayer-niche; she was constantly bowing & prostrating until it dawned. I heard her taking the names of the believers and praying for them but she did not pray for herself. I asked, “O Mother! Did you not pray for yourself as you did for others?” She (s.a.) replied, “Neighbours first, thereafter one’s own household.”

Shaikh Sadooq relates, that Sayyedah Fatemah (s.a.) said that I heard the Prophet of Allah (s.a.w.a.) say, “On the day of Friday, a time comes wherein Allah (s.w.t.) fulfils whatever a Muslim desires from Him regarding  well-being.”  I  asked,  “And  what  time  is

that?” He (s.a.w.a.) replied, “The time when the half

thought, they become polytheists.”


Speak the truth even if it is bitter

The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.) said to Abuzar al-

Ghaffaari (a.r.),

“Speak the truth even if it is bitter.”3


Speak the truth even if you perish in it Abu al-Hasan al-Maazi (Imam Kazem a.s.) says, “Speak the truth even if you perish in it because

surely  in  it  is  your  salvation  and  abandon

falsehood even if there’s apparent salvation for you in it because in reality, you will perish in



disc of the sun is hidden in the horizon while half of it is not yet hidden.” Fatemah (s.a.) told her servant, “Go on top, and when the half disc of the sun disappears, let me know so that I may ask from Allah (s.w.t.).”

It is also related that when she (s.a.) would enter

her Prayer-niche to offer Prayers, her light would shine


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