your questiions answered

Q. Can a person on whom ghusl (bath) ‘Mass-e-
  Mayyat’ (for touching the corpse) is incumbent,
  offer his daily prayers with Wuzu alone?
A. He cannot offer Namaz before performing ghusl
  (bath)   “Mass-e-Mayyat”.   It   is   obligatory   to
  perform ghusl (bath) when a person touches a
  corpse, after it has become cold and before it
  has been given the “Ghusl-e-Mayyat”.
Q. What      is      the      Kaffarah         (atonement)      of
  intentionally not observing fast of the month of
A. In case of intentionally not observing or breaking
  a fast (of the month of Ramazan), in addition to
  making  up  the  Qaza  (defaulted)  fast  he  may
  atone for the same by any of the 3 methods
  given hereunder:
(a) Free a slave, or
(b) Observe fast for 60 days. The first 31 days of this
  fast must be consecutive but if he/she fails to
  fast on any day in this period without any just
  excuse,  he  should  commence  fasting  all  over
  again. However it would not matter if he did not
  maintain continuity (after 31 days) for completion
  of the remaining 29 fasts, or
(c) Feed 60 poor Muslims to their fill. However if it is
  not possible for him to fulfill any of these he
  should give Sadaqah (charity) according to his/
  her status and seek Divine forgiveness.
Q. Where  should  one  slaughter  the  sacrificial
  animal relating to the kaffarahs that become
  obligatory on a mohrim, and how is it to be



The kaffarah may be given to the poor, and the

place of sacrifice, in the case of expiation for
hunting during umrah, is Makkah, and during
Hajj it is Mina. As a matter of caution, one should
act  in  the  same  manner  in  relation  to  other

Q. Can a person deduct his losses from the profit
  made  before  calculating  khums  in  the  same
A. The person can deduct an equivalent amount of
  losses incurred from the profit made before he
  sustained the said loss and not from the profit
  made after he sustained the said loss, be it in the
  same year.
Q. My  question  is  regarding  aamals.  There  are
  some aamals in which you need to recite such-
  and-such dua / Surah of the Qur’an. My question
  is whether you must recite that dua or Surah
  that many times or will reciting it once suffice?
  As I do taqlid of Ayatullah Seestani, I would
  appreciate a reply with respect to his resalah.
A. In the Aamal which guide us to recite a certain
  Zikr, Dua’ or Surah for a given number of times,
  then it should be followed exactly. In that there
  is a sacred secret which we may not be able to
  comprehend.  At  the  same  time,  Aamal  are
  Sunnat (recommended). But when we voluntarily
  wish to perform them, the guidelines ought to
  be adhered to.
Q. Does hydrogenated oil (ghee) becomes ‘najis’
  (impure) if excreta of a rat falls in it?
A. If the hydrogenated oil is in solid state such that

with the rat’s excreta, the space remains vacant or fills up gradually later, only that part which acquired impurity will be considered as impure. The rest will remain pure. However, if the excreta of a rat, or for that matter, of any animal whose meat is unlawful for consumption, falls in a syrup or food, such that after removing a portion, the space does not remain vacant, the entire quantity will become impure as soon as the slightest part becomes impure

Q. Is it permissible to deduct the expenditure incurred, in a year, in which no profit was made, from the next year’s profits?

  1. No, it is not permissible.

Q.       Is it jaiz (permissible) to eat crabs?

  1. No. It is haraam to eat crabs.