Was the flood of Nuh (a.s.) Global?

The scientists, historians, researchers discoverers discussed in this subject that whether the flood of the Nuh (a.s.)’s period was Global or was it occured merely in a part of the earth or a half part of the Asia where Nuh (a.s.) was dwelling.

Some of the scholars believe that the floods were covered  the  entire  world.  And  a  group  of  them

mentioned that it was occurred only in the area where

Nuh (a.s.) and the unbelievers lived and they were killed in the calamity.

As-Saffat [37:77]

And  made  his  progeny  to  endure  (on  this


The history is dark to present any justification for events of Nuh (a.s.) and the heavenly scriptures too did not describe the occurence of floods widely. By the curse of Nuh (a.s.) the floods happened and left no region and not even the animals. The entire living existence became the morsel of floods and storm.


The Will Of Abu Talib (a.s.) At The Time Of His


At the time of his death Abu Talib (a.s.) said to his children:

“I recommend Muhammad to you, because he is the trusted one of Quraysh and the truthful one of Arabia and possesses all the virtues. He has brought a religion, which has been accepted by the hearts, but the tongues have chosen to deny it on account of fear of taunts. I can see that the weak and the helpless of Arabia have got up to support Muhammad and believe in him, and he has also risen to help them breaking the

ranks of Quraysh.

He has humiliated the chiefs of Quraysh and devastated their homes and has made the helpless strong and given them status”. He concluded his remarks with these words: “O my kinsmen! Become the friends and supporters of his faith (Islam). Whoever follows him becomes prosperous. If death had given me some more time, I would have warded off all the dangers that came to him”.

We have no doubt about it that he was quite sincere in expressing this wish, because his services and sacrifices, especially during the last ten years of his life, bear testimony to his truthfulness.

Another evidence of his truthfulness is the promise he made to Muhammad at the commencement of the latter’s prophethood, because when the Holy Prophet gathered all his uncles and kinsmen round himself and presented Islam to them Abu Talib said to him: “Arise, O’ my nephew! You enjoy a high position. Your religion is the noblest of all religions. You are the son of a great man. If a tongue harms you, severer tongues will come forth to defend you and sharp swords will cut off the tongues of your enemies. By Allah! The Arabs will be as meek before you as the off-spring of an animal is before its mother”.


Razavi Sayyids

It is a fact that all Sayyids known as Razavi are actually Taqawi. Imam Reza (a.s.) had no son other than Imam Muhammad Taqi (a.s.). Had he other sons then  the  Imam  Muhammad  Taqi  (a.s.)  then  their

offspring should have been called Razavi Sayyids. But as Imam Reza (a.s.) came to Iran and died in Tus many descendants of his son Imam Muhammad Taqi (a.s.) were also called Razavis.


Contribution of Imam Sadiq (a.s.) in Physics

Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) made many discoveries in physics which no one had even dreamt of before him and no one could think of after him. One of the laws worked out by him is about opacity and transparency of materials. He said that materials which are solid and absorbent are opaque, and materials which are solid and repellent are more or less transparent. When he was asked about the thing which is absorbed by an opaque material, he replied “Heat”

Today this theory is one of the Laws of Physics. How wonderful it is that in the 2nd century A.H., he could enunciate such a new and unique theory.