Declaration of Baraa’at and the Right of Ahle Bait (a.s.)

On every possible occasion, Imam Zain al-Aabideen (a.s.) narrated the virtues and excellences of Ahle Bait (a.s.) and that caliphate was their sole prerogative. An excellent illustration of this is the sermon of Fadakiyyah by Janabe Fatima Zahra (s.a.) narrated by Zaid Ibn Ali who has quoted this from his father Imam Sajjaad (a.s.). Even a cursory glance at this sermon makes it evident as to how the Lady of both worlds (s.a.) claimed Caliphate and Imamate to be their right and proved others to be usurpers. This sermon is so important that even the Ahle Tasannun scholars have quoted it in their books.1 Imam Sajjaad (a.s.) made this usurpation of the right of his grandmother evident for all his companions.

Al-Amaali of Shaikh Mufeed (a.r.), p. 281; Al-Amaali of Shaikh al-Tusi

(a.r.), p. 155)

To conclude, we quote a couple of traditions narrated by Abu Hamza al-Somaali.

Imam Sajjaad (a.s.) prophesied: “There are three kinds of people whom Allah will not even look at on the Day of Judgment: (1) One who claims to be an Imam from the side of Allah while he is not worthy it,

  • One who denies an Imam appointed by Allah and
  • One who believes that they two had any share in ”

(Tafseer al-Ayyaashi by Muhammad Ibn Mas’ood Ayyaashi, vol. 1, p.

178; Al-Kaafi by Muhammad Ibn Yaqoob al-Kulaini, vol. 1, p. 374, H.


Imam Sajjaad (a.s.) exclaimed: “May Allah never forgive and have no mercy for those who violated our rights, usurped our inheritance and  appropriated a position that we deserved.”

(Manaaqeb Aale Abi Talib by Muhammad Ibn Ali Ibn Shahr Ashob,

vol. 3, p. 370