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Iranian nation to overcome flood problems

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): Tehran’s provisional Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Hassan Abu-Torabi Fard blasted the US government officials’ rhetoric and measures against the Iranian nation, and said the people of Iran will manage to overcome the flood-related problems without any outside help.

Addressing a large and fervent congregation of the people in Tehran on Friday, Ayatollah Abu-Torabi Fard said, “Our people will never back down in the face of US plots and pressures.”

The  Iranian  nation  alongside  the  government, Armed Forces and rescue bodies and with the God’s help and mercy will overcome the current challenges. In  relevant  remarks  on  Friday,  Head  of  Iran’s Forensics Organization Ahmad Shojayee said on Friday that  the  number  of  people  killed  in  the  recent devastating floods across the country has increased to


“67 people have lost their lives in the floods in different provinces since the start of Nowrouz (the start of the New Iranian Year holidays on March 21) and all of them have been identified,” Shojayee told FNA. He added that 21 people have been killed in Fars province, 15 in Lorestan, 3 in North Khorassan, 8 in Golestan,  5  in  Mazandaran,  5  in  Hamedan,  1  in

Khuzestan, 1 in Kermanshah, 1 in Semnan, 2 in Kohgilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad, 2 in Gilan (for landslide resulting from showers), 1 in Babol, 1 in Qom and 1 in Khorassan Razavi.

The tragedy started in the four Northern provinces of Mazandaran, Golestan, Semnan and North Khorassan on March 20. Thirty provinces of Iran have

been hit by severe weather conditions since then.

Over 56,000 people were affected in various cities and rural areas in Golestan and Mazandaran as a result of heavy rainfall that hit the two provinces on March 19 and 20.

While the nation was shocked by the casualties and magnitude of destructions in the Northern regions of the country, another round of floods hit the country in the Western and Southwestern provinces on March

  1. The most shocking images were relayed from Shiraz, a very popular tourist destination homing historical monuments from ancient times to the present age, where the Northern opening gate of the city witnessed a tragic pileup of cars swept away by a flash flood.

The Gate of Quran has been built on a dry river bed and ten minutes after the start of sudden torrential rains at around 11:00 am local time on March 25 more than 50 cars were washed away to the down of the slope into the city. Hitting trees and other streets signs and curbs the overrun cars piled up one another a kilometer down from the city gate.

Families,  many  from  other  cities  and  provinces visiting Shiraz for New Year holidays, trapped inside and stranded between the cars were the main victims. Governor  General  of  Fars  Province  Enayatollah Rahimi said that the sudden flash flood happened in less than 10 minutes with the flow of water from Allah- o-Akbar  gorge  converging  into  the  main  road  and

affecting the moving vehicles.

After the incident, police blocked traffic to the flood-hit parts of the city, to speed up rescue operations and avoid further casualties.