Submission to the Divine Proof (a.s.) is Submission to Allah the Almighty!

The narrator says, “I said to Imam Abu Abdillah (al- Sadeq) (a.s.), ‘There is a person with us named Kulaib. No tradition is reported from you but that he says ‘I submit’; so much so that we have named him ‘the submitting Kulaib’. (On hearing this), Imam (a.s.) invoked Allah’s mercy upon him and asked, ‘Do you know what is submission?’ So we became silent. Then he (a.s.) said,

‘By Allah! It is humility as per the word of Allah

– Mighty and Majestic be He – “Surely those who believed and did good deeds and were humble towards their Lord”. (Surah Hud (11): 28)’

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Our belief is same as that ofAhle Bait (a.s.) at all times

Yahya Ibn Zakariyyaa al-Ansari reports, “I heard Imam Abu Abdillah (al-Sadeq a.s.) say,

‘Whoever  desires  that  his  faith  should  be

perfected in its entirety MUST say, ‘My belief in

all things is the belief of Aale Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) in what they conceal and what they announce and in what has reached to me from them and what has not reached to me.”

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The Shiahs follow the path of the Ahle Bait (a.s.) which is the path of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah

The narrator (Habeeb) says, “I heard Imam Abu Abdillah al-Sadeq (a.s.) say,

‘By Allah! None from the people is dearer to me than you (Shiahs) because the people tread various paths; some of them follow their opinion, some of them follow their carnal desires and some of them follow the narration. But you (Shiahs) have taken an affair which has roots (in Quran and Sunnah).”

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    The Shiahs follow the view of the Ahle Bait

    (a.s.) in all issues

    The narrator (Mufazzal Ibn Qais) says, “I said to Imam Abu Abdillah (a.s.) that our friends (Shiahs) differ on an issue so I say to them that my view in it is the view of Ja’far Ibn Muhammad (a.s.).” He (a.s.) retorted,

    “Jibraeel descended with this only.”

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