The Ahle Bait(a.s.) are the Reminder about which the nation shall be questioned

Imam al-Sadeq (a.s.) explained about the word of Allah the High, “Surely, it is a reminder for you and for your nation and soon you will be questioned” (Surah Zukhruf (43): Verse 44) that

“the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.) and his family members (a.s.) are those about whom the nation will be questioned and they are the people of remembrance.”

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To Raise anyone to the status of Imamat is Polytheism

Imam Baqer (a.s.) says:

“Certainly, Allah the Almighty, established Ali, peace be upon him, as an emblem between Himself and His creation. Whosoever acquires his recognition is a believer and whosoever denies him is a disbeliever. Whoever remains ignorant of him is deviated. Whoever raises anyone to his status is a polytheist. While the one who reaches (Allah) with belief in his mastership enters heaven.”

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    Rejection of the Divine Proof(a.s.) is Polytheism

    Sama’ah Ibn Mehraan reports, “I asked (Imam) Abu Abdillah (al-Sadeq a.s.) about the word of Allah, ‘…then he must perform righteous action and not associate anybody in the worship of his Lord (Surah Kahf (18): Verse 110)’. He (a.s.) informed,

    ‘Righteous Action implies the recognition of the Imams (a.s.) and not associate anyone in the worship of his Lord means to submit to Ali (a.s.) and not associate anyone in Caliphate who is not for it and does not deserve it’.”

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    Allah shall not speak to those who deny the Divine Proofs (a.s.)

    bn Abi Yaafoor reports, “I heard Imam Abu Abdillah

    [al-Sadeq] (a.s.) say,

    ‘There are three people at whom Allah will not look on the Day of Judgment nor will He purify them and for them will be a painful chastisement. One who claims Imamate from Allah while he is not eligible for the same, one who denies an Imam from Allah (i.e. appointed by Allah) and one who thinks that they two (pseudo-caliphs) had any portion in Islam (i.e. considers them as Muslims)’ .